Radiant Life Program

Clear the energetic blocks that are standing in the way of living your most radiant life, connect to your internal GPS system so you feel like you’re in the driver’s seat of your life, and claim your most exciting & purpose-filled future.

I know you’ve felt this before...

I see you out there in the corporate world. Doing all the things you’re supposed to be doing.

Moving up the corporate ladder, following “the plan,” taking care of your partner, your kids, your aging parents, even your DOG, doing all the things what feels like ALL the time.

I know that there is a part of you that longs to be connected to something deeper.

Something beyond the surface level day to day of your life. Beyond the baseline of the same-old same-old days that start to blend together, the weekends that don’t feel like weekends because there’s so much to get done, and the level of stress/exhaustion that doesn’t seem to ever go away/sink below that baseline level.

I know that there is a part of you that knows that there is something deeper - and you’ve felt glimmers of it before. Coming up through the cracks of your life.

You’ve been outside looking up at the stars on a clear night, and KNOWN inside of you that you’re connected to something greater.

You’ve walked into a meeting (even on Zoom) and you can FEEL the energy in the room. You feel a new person enter the space and the energy CHANGES.

You KNOW when the energy is off even when they all say “I’m fine, all good”

You’ve had those gut feeling that are so immediate and so crystal clear when something is wrong/going on/something is off with one of your children - you’re so in tune with them on an intuitive level

This is because…

Everything in this Universe is energy.

Including you, my friend. We are all energetic beings living in a deeply physical world

So it’s only natural that you’ve felt this in moments of your life. I know that you already KNOW this on some level already

Your inner knowing, your inner GPS system… it’s always communicating with you. It’s always trying to get your attention. Because those little whispers within are here to lead you to your most radiant life.

Are you ready to listen?

If you know you’re here to not just live an average life but to live a DEEPLY fulfilling life

If you know you’re here not just to go through the motions of your day to day but to feel like you are in the driver’s seat/full power and control of guiding your life

If you know you’re here to not just stay on the surface of life (like most others do their entire lives) but to reconnect to YOUR true purpose and reclaim the future that you know is MEANT for you

Then I’m here to tell you that it’s YOURS. You can have it. It’s already with you. It’s simply a matter of reconnecting to it.

And I know you know in your heart of hearts that THIS is the thing that has been missing in your life

This deeper connection to yourself knowing that you are 100% on the right path towards the fullest/richest/deepest future you desire

This feeling of your head hitting the pillow at the end of the day and feeling so fulfilled

This feeling of EXCITEMENT not just about what’s next, but about what’s happening in the here and the now of your life

This feeling of total confidence that you’re leading your life exactly the way you want to and are in complete control

And I want you to know that this is already within you, waiting for you to reconnect with IT

this is exactly why I created my

1:1 Radiant Life Program is for You

In this powerful 4-part journey back to yourself, we’ll be diving deep to:

  • Clear the energetic blocks that are standing in the way of you living your dream life

  • Connect to your internal GPS system so you feel like you’re in the driver’s seat of your life

  • Claim your most exciting & meaningful future

I’ve worked with hundreds of people to help them bust through their energetic blocks, uncover the patterns that have been keeping them stuck in the same-old, and truly step into living their most exciting and meaningful lives

And now it’s your turn



The Radiant Life Program

My signature methodology combines my lifelong psychic gifts, energetic mastery, and certified coaching experience with 15+ years of corporate expertise to support you in creating lasting shifts in short periods of time

Here’s what’s included for you in my Radiant Life Program -

Your choice between 1, 4, or 7 private sessions with me that you can use over the course of a quarter - I know you’re busy and this way these sessions can fit into your life with ease.


1 deep dive kickoff call where we get crystal clear on your blocks and your intentions for our time together.

3 or 6 energy healing sessions where I call on my techniques and tools from energy work to coaching tailored to you and your specific needs. In these sessions both I receive wisdom and you receive wisdom together we integrate the information to create tailored assignments.


  • Spiritually curious women who don’t know where to start

  • Notice and feel (or see) the signs and synchronicities

  • Feel the pull and don’t know why

  • Self-led and desire to go deep in understanding themselves

  • Looking to be authentically who they are in all areas of life

  • Believe they are deserving of having an abundant and fulfilling life


  • Look down at spiritually and it’s possibilities

  • Not willing to learn about all of the power that you hold within you

  • Not willing to make time in their schedule for themselves

  • Not willing to do the work to examinee what’s been holding them back

  • Not ready to honor your unique individually


Stephanie Lundeen

"I was at a crossroads with my career and wanting to make a very big change. I needed support and some spiritual uplift.

I was amazed as career opportunities opened up space all in the direction that I wanted to go. ⁣ Mari has an amazing listening ear and highly perceptive uplifting spiritual energy which is comforting, fulfilling and uplifting.

Anyone really serious about a change, feeling stuck or down, needs to do this program.”

Lauren Cosgrave

"The word that I've used most frequently to describe how I feel as a result of the program is peace. There's a relief and I feel so much more in control.

I feel settled, more joyful, and happier. I have tools that I use. If you're thinking about working with Mari she's your guide. She’s great at helping you find your unique spiritual path.”


“I’ve walked away with more clarity and commitment to my life’s purpose than any other coaching that I’ve ever received.

Digging deeper into what I want and having action to get there with little steps. I wouldn’t have gotten there on my own.”


Enrollment Options


Radiant Life Session


1 private session


Radiant Life Program


4 private sessions to use over the next 3 months

1 deep dive kickoff call

3 energy healing sessions

payment plans available


Radiant Life Program+


7 private sessions to use over the next 3 months

1 deep dive kickoff call

6 energy healing sessions

payment plans available

+ Bonus Energy Assessment value $600


Your Mentor

I’m your life purpose activator, life mentor, energy healer, and psychic guide with 15 + years of experience in corporate and nonprofit world. I help you to see and connect with your vision and purpose through 1:1 energy healing, coaching and mentorship.





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